Jpeg or RAW ( & Why) June 2013

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Question for Steven Wandy

Steven Wandy wrote:

Using an EM5 and an Oly XZ-2, I generally shoot RAW and process through Aperture. The results of the RAW input are a good starting point for me - perhaps not quite equal to the Olympus JPEGs, but close enough - and generally only have to click on AUTO fix to get very close to what I like.

But, when I am using the 2X Digital Teleconverter on either camera, I generally shoot either JPEG alone (or RAW+JPEG if not shooting a lot of shots) because I feel that the resulting JPEG is better to my eyes than cropping of the RAW file.

I also shoot RAW+JPEG when using the Art Filters so I always have the original shot.

I think that when these RAW vs JPEG discussions started with 4/3 and then m4/3 cameras, the difference in IQ was much more significant than now. RAW still does allow for more processing possibilities, and I understand that the people who love to really play with the files appreciate that, but for a lot of people, the JPEGs are sufficient for their use.

To be honest - if programs like Aperture and Lightroom did not make working with RAW files so easy, I think I would have gone back to JPEGs long ago.

Steven this is a serious question. If programs like Aperture and Lightroom make working with RAW files so easy why do I keep seeing people make statements like I use  "any Program" for raw and Aperture and thats all I need. I also don't see what Aperture is missing in raw processing but am just learning the program after deleting most every thing Adobe from my Mac.

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