I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

tron555 wrote:

These are the things I am looking for in a m43 camera to make me interested in purchasing one:

  • There is too much talk about shutter shock one certain cameras/lenses, they need to resolve this issue. Maybe go to electronic shutter?
  • The high quality zooms are still WAY too expensive like the 12-35, 35-100 for example. These are the two lenses that interest me, but are cost prohibitive at this time.

Take into consideration how much these lenses cost and the physical size and weight for a DSLR system and these lenses are inexpensive for a 2.8 lens. The 35-100 does not physical get any larger than what you see because of the internal zoom. It is the same size as the Panasonic 45-200 when not zoom but skinnier around the middle.

These lenses were made with the GH-3 in mind and to optimize the video side of things for the system.

  • Ergonomics, button layout, built in EVF/flash, etc… are not the norm yet. I need all of them. I know ergonomics and button layout are very subjective, but I have not seen one yet that meet my requirements. Panasonic is getting a lot closer than Oly and almost there.

If you never held a GH-3 you have no idea how great that hand grip is. Others need to add that vertical/battery grip to make it more substantial.

  • Focus tracking for sports/action shots have not evolved yet. Phase detection vs Contrast detection should be along within a year, or should be I hope!

Its not like you can't sell gear or wait, whatever. Again, this is DSLR stuff and if you consult the magic 8 ball maybe your correct, but only the manufacture knows.

  • 5 axis IBIS on all high end cameras is not standard yet and should be.

You turn it off anyway when your on a tripod. Image stablization is a crutch.

  • Weather proofing should be standard on all high end cameras and lenses.

Your average person is not going to spend $4,000 whatever it is on the GH-3, 12-35 & 35-100. For Panasonic its their Pro level camera and DSLR's do the same type of thing. Every little extra adds to the cost especially if you have to trust it can withstand certain aspects of getting moisture. Water residence or waterproof is a big deal to do it right.

Hopefully, Panasonic/Olympus will come out with an all in one camera someday that meets these requirements. The GX2 or EM6 may bring things closer, but until all these issues are addressed, there are too many compromises, for me anyway. I know some will say “all cameras are compromises”, but for me, those listed are just too many for me to accept at this time.

Even if they can do it is all planned out. IF they peak on everything now they have no place to go and generate money over and over again. IMO its on purpose they leave certain advances out of a camera.

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