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Re: How's that Nikon A for Portraits? Or Sports?

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But I seem to recall Garry Winogrand talking about how he used to pause when he saw a street photo opportunity developing in front of him, act like he was taking a shot of some distant thing, maybe off-direction from where he saw the shot developing, then bring the camer down to his waist and act like he was fiddling with something on the camera, as he actually took the shot he was planning all along. He was one of the "best ones" I'd say - one of the all time greats. And that sounds kind of like sneaking and hiding. So I won't feel too bad if I shoot from the waist and look away before I take the shot as a distracting move. I don't think I'm any great shakes as a street photographer, but one of the best street photographers I've seen in recent years told me he basically does the same thing.

I think its all in the final result. I've seen some street photographers work who take the total opposite approach and nearly assault their subjects with the camera. I hate that as a technique and could never do it, but I've seen some incredibly good photographs made that way too.

What about the "can I take your picture?" approach

That's a surefire recipe for getting less than the best. When I've seen wonderful photo ops, such as a mother close to her child, showing smiles, and tender expressions of love, every time I've asked if I can take a picture, the end result is a nice posed photo (but not really worth the effort) and without the spark that would have made it a great photo.

About a month ago I saw a nice looking couple sitting on a train and the guy happened to have a Nikon "pro" DSLR and lens in his lap. I asked if I could take a picture and he declined with a laugh, saying "You should have just taken the shot first and then asked." I think what he was getting at was the same thing that I mentioned above. I might have gotten a really good unposed shot that would have required no effort on his part. But by asking, now I was in effect having him and the woman he was with to either pose or work even harder simulating an unposed look that probably wouldn't have been as memorable as what too many opinionated photographers here like to call 'sneaky' shots.

A couple of days ago I saw another photographer in action and took a couple of shots, this time without asking. A little later I showed him the photos and now they have been emailed to him. I'm learning... Here's one.

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