Shooting 1st Dance recital & I need a little advice

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Re: Shooting 1st Dance recital & I need a little advice

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I'm shooting my daughters dance recital....  with my d7000 and a rented 70-200 2.8 Nikon.

At what ISO does the D7000 start getting grainy?

Please define, exactly, what 'grainy' means. IE - what is too much 'grain' for you...?

I've been shooting at 1600,2200 but wanted to go slightly higher so i could keep a fast enough shutter speed to capture the jumps and other fast moving dance moves.

So, are those ISO setting 'grainy'? And above that?

also... with people who have shot dance recitals, was a tripod/mono pod necessary .

Not for me.

any other advice or tips would be wonderful and welcomed

Yes, test your camera to see what is 'grainy'. Then you'll know. Good luck.

Agree as above.  Grainy is subjective.  Take some test shots during rehearsal or before the recital and take them home and view.  I've shot with the same combo and for me, I target 3200 as max and can live with 6400.  You can reduce noise but not motion blur.  Most recitals I've shot lighting was bad/horrible overall, uneven (bad in some spots and even worse in others), or both.  I've never shot a recital and said "wow that was great lighting".  With that being said, I tried to keep shutter at 1/500 or above and that is a lofty goal most of the time and doesn't totally reduce motion blur but enough for me.

I would shoot wide open at 2.8.  I've shot A mode with auto iso, shutter priority, manual, matrix/center/spot metering and they all have their advantages/disadvantages and at the end of the day don't make a whole lot of difference.  Best thing you can do is take a lot of test shots.  Dress rehearsal is your friend.

OK I just found my adapter so i could view the pictures from the dress rehearsal on my computer.  i know grainy/noise is all subjective...  but i know there is a point to where its unacceptable to all.  and that's what i was looking for  because i couldn't find my adapter to view the pictures full screen.

No that i found my adapter and can view my pictures....2200 doesn't look grainy....   i think i can go to 3200 with no issues and this would allow me to keep a nice shutter speed.

the lighting is awful, its lit on the sides and in the middle there is no light at all... and on top of that, the lighting goes up and down depending on the dance scene... which makes adjusting the camera settings a nightmare for me as an amateur photographer.

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