Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and Photoshop CS6 Print Help!!

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Re: Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and Photoshop CS6 Print Help!!

jtoolman wrote:

MindInRewind wrote:


I have an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and I'm having some printing issues.  First, monitor is calibrated properly and I have proper paper profiles for my printer/paper - yet, my blacks aren't so.. black, they are washed out and look... lets say dark dark blue.  All the colors are perfect except where there is supposed to be dark areas is washed out and looks blue.

My first question is should I be using Black Point Compensation or not?  All my settings are correct according to the paper manufactures specifications (Canson Baryta Photographique 310gsm).  There website tells me to use BPC but now I'm not so sure.

OEM inks? Black compensation will not really affect the color of your blacks or deep shadows.

I trust that you have Photoshop controlling color and have that same color control turned off inside the printer driver right?

I have two 1400s among an Army of over 15 printers so I know that I can get strong neutral blacks on my 1400s and I don't even use OEM but Image Specialists inks. All my papers have custom profiles made for these inks with the Color Munki from Xrite.

I am not using OEM inks but I don't think they are of the worst quality either.  The colors are spot on but the blacks look dark dark blue - so, maybe I will install an OEM black and see if that helps.  The profiles are from the paper manufacturer, I don't have funds and no one has a printer profiler that I can borrow.  But they do a good job, but again, not the blacks.

Also, photoshop is giving me some grief as well.  I have 5 images that are 5"x7" each in one 13x19 sized document.  I set my paper size in my print settings to 13"x19" with no borders but yet somehow my prints are stretched to roughly 5.25"x7.5" and I can't figure out why.

If you are printing using the borderless setting, then it does enlarge all the 5 x 7s inside that 13 x 19 document a little bit. Thus the extra quarter inch.

Uncheck the borderless box and you should have true 5x7s again.

I don't see a check box for borderless prints. I just created a paper size with 0 0 0 0 for the margins.  Am i going about this the wrong way?

I hope someone can help me with these issues because I have burned through a lot of paper and a hell of a lot of ink.

Thank you in advance!


Here are 4 screenshots of my settings, hopefully you are able to figure this out.

Thank you for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!


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