Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

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Re: Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

I reject the idea that smaller is better.  How many complaints do we read about small buttons, small non-ergonomic grips, etc with regard to mirrorless cameras? A DSLR with it's typically deep grip and larger buttons that can be operated with gloves on and in spite of the greater weight, are actually more ergonomic, and less tiring to handhold for long periods of time.  For the average adult male hands, many mirrorless cameras are simply too small.

So smaller is not always better.

That's where for me the Olympus E-M5 is fantastic.

I DSLR is still bulky with a prime lens on, whereas the E-M5 can be very small but you then have the added benefit of the 2 part grip if needed.

IMO the 2 part grip is a fantastic design. How many other cameras have such versatility?

Also my very cheap Panasonic GX-1 performs great as a back up camera and I hardly notice it's size/weight in the bag.

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