Has anybody switched back to a DSLR from a mirrorless system?

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Re: Has anybody switched back to a DSLR from a mirrorless system?

mosswings wrote:

One can argue this way and that over the DSLR's OVF, battery life, balance with big lenses, etc. but relatively soon everything at this level of performance will be called simply an ILC and we'll select bodies just the same way we make choices between a small / medium / large / pro body Nikon today - what we want to do with it.

Yeah, that's my thought too.  I haven't been around these forums all that long but for anyone to assume that u4/3 is going to win out just because it's so much smaller obviously doesn't understand many DSLR shooters.  Many DSLR shooters choose something like a D7100 over a D3100 because they like the bigger size.  Also, something I've noticed in my time is that many-many lenses get bigger as their quality goes up (I'm sure there are exceptions).  For example, if someone wants the quality that the 70-200 f2.8 delivers, they're typically willing to lug around something bigger than the 55-200.

I have nothing against u4/3 at all.  So many people seem so passionate against either DSLR or against u4/3.  Where I'm at today, I don't see the need to switch to u4/3 at all.  If I'm going to carry a bag with multiple lenses I'll carry my midsized DSLR kit.  If I want to travel light, it doesn't get much lighter than a Sony RX100.

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