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Hi, I have to say the photo quality of the K30 is very good indeed, I briefly owned a Canon 650D before this and the Pentax absolutely destroys it in every way - especially in high ISO noise. The K30's noise is actually very pleasant and natural looking, it has a very fine film-esque quality to it and only really shows up when you step beyond ISO 1600 in Raw without any noise reduction!
There are many other reasons beyond good image quality that the K30 is a real beast of a DSLR though, I personally absolutely love the ergonomic grip (and I have massive hands), as well as the beautifully bright and massive viewfinder. It is a joy to use with a lot of intuitive and intelligent features, I mostly use old manual Pentax-m lenses and the 'magic green' button that will allow you to meter even without having an automatic aperture lens is so very good indeed that it doesn't even matter that I am forced to use manual mode with these very outdated but still excellent lenses. The menus also are very well laid out, I especially love being able to turn the screen permanently off with just 3 button presses, this feature along with the excellent ISO performance makes for a very smooth and satisfying experience shooting at night.
Anyway.... I'll stop now before this turns into a full essay. Suffice to say I love the damn thing, and would not consider buying a different camera for a second if I had to make the choice again. Weather sealing is the icing on a VERY tasty cake!

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