New Pentax K-50 leaked

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Re: Wonder how much this'll go for...

Linus Svensson wrote:

While certainly not in any way a bad spec'ed camera, there doesn't seem to be too many changes from the K-30, which makes me wonder what they can sell this for.

The K-30 can be had pretty cheap these days (and R&D etc is probably payed off), so if Pentax haven't changed things too much and don't have a too big R&D expense to cover, I could see this going really cheaply.

Weather sealing costs, but swivel screen & new expensive sensor as well as (probably) new shutter design etc is missing, so if they saved money here and sell this BELOW Canikon's offerings, this could sell really well, don't you think?

Sure we might complain of old sensor, no swivel etc but for the parent buying a camera for his kids might be swayed towards a cheapish DSL instead of the almost as expensive compact they were gonna buy....

If the emphasis is on cheap, why bother with the weather-sealing and a proper pentaprism? No one else has either in this price range. So I'm not sure cheap is the real deal here.

In my experience, Pentax cameras are well built and produce excellent images, indeed Pentax excels at these two qualities. However, I wonder whether they aren't really stretching it with the specs of the K-50. No 24 mp, no tilt-swivel LCD, modest auto-focusing system compared to a Canon or Nikon, screw-drive kit lens at a time when others left this behind years ago ... without the weather-sealing, Pentax might find it pretty hard to ask more than a modest sum for the K-50. It's vulnerable to "nice camera but the feature set is light for 2013". Bear in mind that MILCs are getting better and better these days and no one has to worry whether they come with a pentaprism or a pentamirror.

I hope Pentax come up with some effective "outdoors and rugged" marketing.

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