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Re: after x2 poor sales Re: Specs of the Mini M!

jacketpotato wrote:

Jono Slack wrote:

the images on the short piece are all out of the camera jpgs, at standard settings, without any cropping or adjustments

Leica decided on a X zoom a kind of Digilux 2.

£1500 it would be a home run.

Leave it to sony to bring out a FF f2.8-4 zoom "compact"

HI There

If the leaked specs are right then I guess it is a kind of Digilux 2 (with similar DOF characteristics as well). People have been asking for one after all. As for £1500 - I don't think Leica cameras are price sensitive, or that they can produce them in large enough numbers to get economies of scale.

Everybody seems to assume that sales of the X2 were poor - but nobody seems to have any evidence for it - except from their local fixer - seems to me those would have been sold through Leica boutiques and expensive department stores (but I have no evidence beyond being told they sold well).

If Sony can bring out a compact FF f2.8-4 zoom, then I really do take my hat off to them (look at the size of the Canikon f2.8 zooms!!!. In fact, a year ago I would have called it magic . . . . but the RX100 and the RX1 seem to imply that Sony can, in fact, do magic!

all the best

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