RX1 sharper than Leica M 240

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Re: Profiles and Presets to deliver desired look

teseg wrote:

Certainly there is much more to a camera/lens produced image than sharpness, as Steve Huff points out.  But sharpness is a fundamental building block that adds to file flexibility output during post-processing.  Bokeh is another building block, which sort of is what it is based on the lens.  Finally there is color / color treatment which has a huge impact on resulting images.  If knowledgeable enough one certainly can create "Fuji skin color" we hear so much about using post-processing techniques.  An image also could get much closer to the "Leica look" as well with the right treatment.  While it is amazing what can be done in PP, many lack the time or experience or creativity to convert a picture SOOTC into a whole new preferred look.

This is where profiles and presets come into play.  They certainly can help speed up deciding how an image may better represent what you are trying to convey.  I'm aware of:

I've not used the last 2.  Are there any other 3rd party profiles or presets actively used with the RX1?  I seem to recall a couple other posted in the last few weeks but have been unable to find.

Thanks for the info! cool!

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