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I've dabbled a bit with MFT and still shoot my E-PM2 quite often with the 45mm 1.8 and Sigma 19mm as well as the 40-150 tele.

MFT telephotos are not *that* great IMO nor enjoyable to shoot via EVF...but again its a bit hard to fault them given that their telephotos are pretty cheap, light, and do give you high effective reach.  On the otherhand, if you say bought a 400mm f5.6 and shot it on a 6D on your'd get *killer* results that blow away any MFT telephoto and basically would easily crop to 600mm equivalent and still have higher IQ than the MFT equivalent( MFT would need to make a 200mm f2.8 to be equivalent and it would have no real size advantage and thus never exist given market conditions).

Super telephotos are crazy expensive recently on either Nikon or Canon really what are the 'gems' that are still affordable?  Canon has quite a few actually...any of their 70-200's...the 100-400 is cheap and versatile...the 400mm f5.6 prime is light/cheap, and super sharp (you can read lensrental review...yes that new 200-400 is sharper and even faster, but at huge premium in weight and size.  The 70-300 L or even non-L on the 6D would beat the 40-150s handily.

The 40mm f2.8 will exceed your expectations for the price as it basically will AF faster and give you same DOF and more IQ due to FF sensor IMO easily replacing the 20mm f1.7 but still giving you a taste of portability.

The 24-105L should exceed the performance of the Pana 14-45 and supply greater range to boot as well as more speed/light gathering.

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