50 1.4G or 1.8G + D7100 ?

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the 50mm 1.8G beats the 1.4G in terms of centre sharpness, corner sharpness as well as coma &  flare... To me it is a no brainer.

Go to photozone for the real story.  Here is their verdict.

"The Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G is a very good lens that performes on a high level except for slightly soft borders and somewhat busy bokeh at wide open aperture. From f/2 onwards, the lens is able to deliver crisp images that do not leave much to desire. For most applications the silent wave AF drive is fast enough. Combined with the high build quality this results in an attractive package that might not necessarily tempt those who already own the older AF-D 50/1.4 lens, but probably all others looking for a fast standard prime. Highly recommended!"

If yu look long enough you can find what you want to find on the web.  But photozone is one of the best sources available.  You will find that they like the 1.8G as well.  Not a no brainer at all.  Completely different lenses with completely different advantages.

I have no doubt that the 50mm 1.4G is a nice lens too but sorry, they are far from being completely different lenses: they are all 50mm, FX, and have about the same aperture. I worked with several 50mm primes, 1.4 AIS, 1.8 E, Sigma 50mm 1.4 HSM, and 50mm 1.8G. The latest is the sharpest wide open, and has the less flare (most contrasty against the sun) It is a compact, solid performer, actually the whole 1.8G series are wonderful, especially at the price tag. Also the 50mm 1.4G suffers from more distortion vs the 1.8G and vs the 1.4D (no distortion).

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