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Re: XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

Jim Evidon wrote:


You said:  "...No Jim, that's not correct.

You're not reading the site correctly.

Your desired CoC depends on sensor/film size, viewing distance, print size and visual acuity of the viewer.


Based on those variables you choose a CoC that suits you. After you have chosen the CoC you can then vary aperture, focal length and subject distance to estimate DOF...."


I am aware of that and I suppose I should have included the variable factors as well. I was just simplifying and I should not have done so.

I raised this entire matter only because Fuji did something that no other manufacturer has done; i.e., display the depth of field in the finder. When I saw how narrow the display was, I raised the question, to wit, is there something unique about the Fuji XPro, did Fuji make an error, or are they just being super conservative?

I called Fuji-US this morning and spoke to their Pro camera adviser. First the good news. He has been watching this discussion on DP Review with interest and was glad to talk to me. Now the bad news. He has no answer and directed me to e-mail Fuji technical in Tokyo and assured me that they do pay attention as shown by their often prompt response to customer complaints and/or suggestions by issuing upgrades. So, I did so. I really don't expect a prompt response, but I hope I get some answer some time.

In the meantime, I got an answer from my inquiry to Montana Media, the producers of the iPad app. called " Simple DOF ", a rather clever application. He advised that an update was, or will be made to the application to show the C of C for the Fuji X series as .02 instead of .005. So, either by testing, or operating on faith, he is treating the Fuji X as no different than other APSC format cameras.

When I get my XPro-1 on Monday, I'll assume that the DOF is no different than other APSC cameras and then after shooting, Ill check the results. Not very scientific, but practical.

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Well, that's all good news; but forgive me for not holding my breath. This has been the case since the X100 was released. The question has certainly been raised with Fuji in Japan before now. There were some threads around since before the X-Pro1 was released where one of the forum members met with some Fuji execs and engineers in Japan and posed it as a question.

Maybe if we keep on asking.

I suspect that they worry about opening a can of worms and confusion. But at the least they might have a menu option to allow you to choose from say a bunch of CoC settings - call them:

  • Small web images (0.03)
  • Traditional (0.02)
  • Relaxed (0.01)
  • Fuji recommended (current 0.005)
  • Pixel Peeping Lunatics (0.0025)

Actually there's even a chance they could do something to allow a trade-off between AF speed and accuracy along the same lines.

It seems to be a shared meme on many forums that although Fuji AF might be slower than some NEX cameras it's more accurate. They might let the user choose between faster and less accurate or slower and more accurate - and include the currently set CoC in the calculations.

After all if working at f16 on a bright day with a wide angle lens, you might as well just go HF and leave it at that.

Oh yes, and one more thing. How about being able to assign the F button in MF mode to focus the camera at the hyperfocal distance according to the currently set Aperture, FL and CoC selection!!! That would be amazing for street/documentary photography.

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