The DX Prime Conundrum

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Re: The DX Prime Conundrum

sachinn wrote:

The Nikon DX lineup is lacking in prime lenses at the wide end. This has been discussed ad nauseum, my goal in bringing this up is not to revive that discussion but to set the stage for my question. Any advice or experience regarding switching from DX to the Oly OM-D versus the D600? I would particularly like to hear from anyone who moved from DX to an OM-D or D600 and regretted that decision.

I have an Olympus PEN in addition to a Nikon D5100.  I've attempted to convert wholly to m43 in the past but that didn't work out.  Your other thread talks about a 24mm equivalent; Olympus makes a larger, expensive 12mm and the Panasonic 14 is cheap but a 28mm equivalent.  I had one in the past and am looking to purchase another one.  I'm planning on selling my existing APS-C wide angle prime (Rokinon 8mm) to finance that.

I'm also confused as to what focal lengths you're actually looking for.  I'm assuming you're looking for a 24mm full-frame equivalent (ie, a 12mm on m43 and a 16mm in APS-C).  Samyang is slated to release a 16mm APS-C lens but that'll be manual focus.

I wouldn't advise switching to m43 without at least renting the camera and giving it a run down.  There are some limitations to the platform some people don't like.  That said, a modern Olympus (the OM-D or the current generation PENS) have a competative sensor and the 12 or 14 are options.  That is a small and light camera system.

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