Fourteen reasons why you should not travel with non-photographers.

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Fourteen reasons why you should not travel with non-photographers.

1. When you want to go out to shoot sunrises they’re  sleeping.

2. When you get back from shooting sunrise and several unexpected highlights they missed out on, they’re still sleeping.

3. When you’re done with breakfast they’re just waking up.

4. When the hired driver comes to take all of you to some remote location (temple, beach, local festival) they cancel out to have brunch by the pool or go shopping.

5. “I thought you said my new P&S was waterproof?”

6. When they want to go for a bike ride in the overly contrasty midday heat, you’re reviewing the morning shoot, downloading 2-3 cameras, charging batteries and taking a midday siesta.

7. They book dinner for the exact time you told them you were headed out to shoot sunset and/or city lights.

8. The day they do get up in time to catch the driver/guide, you drive them insane stopping to shoot everything you see along the road.

9. “How come my P&S /cell phone pix never come out like yours?”

10. If the non-shooting/co-traveler is a wife/girlfriend/significant other/main squeeze, she/he will spend a good part of one meal scolding you about all the money you blow on camera gear. Thank god they don’t know the actual numbers!

11. They want to spend the day getting spa treatments, playing tennis and lying by the pool...again.

12. “Can you shoot me so it looks like I’m holding the Tower of Pisa/Taj Mahal/Eiffel Tower in my hand?”

13. When you finally do get around to having a meal together, you’re just busy enough reviewing that days images in your camera to not hear them whining about dirty sheets/bad service/where they really should have gone. Or if it’s another couple they’re latest fight.

14. At the airport waiting for the flight home you suddenly realize you had so little in common that you wonder why you ever decided to travel together. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

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