Macro lenses - how good is the 100L?

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Re: Macro lenses - how good is the 100L?

R2D2 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

I suspect this lens will lead to many accessories from a rubber hood to a flash and even, perhaps, some extension tubes.

If you'd like to go beyond 1:1, the accessory I like most is the Raynox DCR-250 close up lens.  On the 100L Macro it takes you to 2:1, without losing any more light (with tubes or a 2x TC you'd lose 2 more stops).  It's nice and sharp and has 3 elements so it's corrected very well.

I have this accessory that I use with a step down ring on a lens with my NEX 5N (Canon FDn 50/1.4). I will be transferring it over asap. Cool. Thanks.

I suppose DxO would trash it though, since they don't tell you about the incredible pictures that can be taken with it.

DxO probably won't rate it. DxO isn't the be all and end all; it's just a nice starting guide for sensors and lenses. They don't test bokek and colors produced and many other aspects of lenses. But it's a good starting point. As I noted, it's also a good idea to visit flickr and view samples. Most lenses for FF Canons will be good enough for most people.

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