60D Soft Focus Problem?

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Re: Off focus - there is no "soft focus"

I disagree with the statement that if "everything looks soft it's the lens."

I just received my 60D today and took a series of test shots with it against my old T2i.

The camera was placed on a tripod and I took images of the bullseye / crosshairs on the back of my grey card. I used a tripod and a remote shutter release, and deactivated the IS function. I made certain that ALL settings on both cameras were identical, used auto focus with the center square as the active focal point, and transferred the lens from one camera to the other. I used a prime lens to make sure there were no issues with zoom levels initially, and tried a series of shots with and without flash.

I then tried all the lenses in my lineup, being certain to replicate all settings and zoom levels on each. The results were identical across the board: The T2i took infinitely sharper images than the 60D. It may seem to be a minimal point for the average user, but when taking portraits and head shots, soft edges in your focus are simply unacceptable.

I called Canon, and they are suggesting that the camera need to be calibrated to that lens, and initially asked me to send my entire kit (all lenses and the 60D body) to calibrate them together. I felt this was a little ridiculous, especially given that it would mean not doing any shoots for 10-12 business days. The tech had the nerve to ask me if it was noticeable at 50% magnification as opposed to viewing at 100%. That's like saying "You know, if you cover one eye and stand back here, you really can't tell the difference."

The soft focus would have surprised me less, except that I just had the exact same issue with the 7D, and returned it to get the 60D. I'm now seeing TONS of reviews and blogs dedicated to this issue concerning BOTH cameras.

So let's not blame the lens for what is clearly an issue with the camera.

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