Praise the Macro Lenses. Post your best macros here.

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Re: Praise the Macro Lenses. Post your best macros here.

Mike Ronesia wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

These are fantastic! I'd love to see either of these in a large (1M) print.

Thanks, Mark

I tried setting up the poppy for printing a few months ago, but didn't quite get it right on paper, then got sidetracked and have not tried again. Getting the orange brightness just right in a print is a bit touchy....You've inspired me to give it a second shot, though.



I work in printing and I can tell you that orange is the hardest color to reproduce when using YMCK.

That actually makes me feel a bit better.  I have an Epson 3800, and a dedicated computer/print server with calibrated IPS monitor, and I can usually get the output adjusted just right with a little bit of tweaking.  However, I was having a beast of a time getting this to have the right balance of color, brightness, and punch on paper......I will give it another try.


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