Laptop and Large Screen

Started Jun 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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auchenblae New Member • Posts: 6
Laptop and Large Screen

I have a Dell Vostro  3750, 17" laptop the screen runs at 1600 900.

It has an Nvida video card and either a VGA or HDMI output connector.

The highest output from the card is 1600 x 900 and I have even changed the driver from a Dell to an Nvidia driver but it must be a hardware limit as Nvidia say the GT525M can handle 2560 1600.

Therefore assuming I cannot get higher than 1600 900 is this assumption true

20" monitors tend to have a native resolution of 1600 900

23" monitors 1900 1200

27" and 30" tend to be 2560 1600.

Therefore with my laptop if I go to a more than 20" monitor it will loose focus as it cannot drive the bigger screens to their native resolution.

Also the video adapters that you can purchase that work via USB3 cannot show a higher resolution than the maximum that is output by the card at present.

1600 x 900


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