New Pentax K-50 leaked

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Re: Quality, not quantity?

redsf1 wrote:

samhain wrote:

So what does this make, 6 pentax aps-c cameras one can buy new at the moment? Yay, another one- but with an uglier body that looks like a Canon. Yawn.

Hey Ricoh/Pentax- here's a lineup idea.
How about:
• one awesome point & shoot.
• one awesome waterproof point & shoot
• one awesome small, retro rangefinder styled aps-c
• one awesome aps-c dslr
• one awesome retro rangefinder styled FF
• one awesome FF dslr
• one awesome medium format.
• lots of super fast glass from now on. F2 & F2.8 zooms, f1.4(or faster) primes.

Thats it- No skimping, no more entry level this, enthusist that- just make top of the line cameras that make Pentax synonymous with Top shelf. Stop trying to be the camera company that caters to every damn type of amateur & be the company that caters to people who are serious about photography(notice I didn't use the word 'professional').

Pentax is in the unique position in that its the only dslr company to have a digital Medium format in its lineup. I'd like to see them have a solid, straightford upgrade path.
Aps-c --> FF --> MF.
No more than 2 models of each. Quality, not quantity.

totally agree!

I would object to the part about fast glass.  With modern sensors, the need for sharpness usually trumps the need for fastness, so the number of people who need fast glass is smaller.  I think Pentax's approach of making more lenses a bit slower than they used to is probably a good long term decision.  The existing selection is fast enough -- there's no reason, for instance, to try to push the FA Limiteds any faster than they are.  The DA* 55 could maybe use a companion or two, and a faster alternative to the 21 Limted would be great, but mostly, I don't think there's much call for anything faster at most lengths, especially not with zooms.

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