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Re: PC and Mac licenses

MikeFromMesa wrote:

I am not sure this is the correct place for this question but, since it involves both PCs and Macs, I did not think the separate PC and Mac forums were the correct place.

Many photo editors allow the user to install the software on two separate machines - usually a desktop and a laptop. I was wondering if that applied to two separate machines of which is a Mac and the other of which is a PC. Does anyone know about mixing PC/Mac licenses?

As a separate question most photo editing software allows someone to uninstall a licensed product from one machine and install it on another. Does this apply if one machine is a PC and the other a Mac? For example, if I uninstall Photoshop CS5/6 from a PC do I have to pay another license fee to get the Mac version and install it on that machine? How about Lightroom? or PSP X5? Or ...

Just wondering since I am thinking of replacing my PC with a Mac. I would rather not have to rebuy all of my software.

A quick way to answer your question, log onto the adobe website and wait till the chat dialog box shows and post your question there.

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