A photocast - faces of Transilvania

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Re: A photocast - faces of Transilvania

rashoop wrote:

Just curious, did you get much objection to a request to take each picture?

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Hi Bob, in fact I did not receive any complain that I shoot (and I will probably publish photos later on) strangers. My general remark about portraying people on the street: the more "technology-poluted" people are, in the more modern society they live, the stronger is defiance against being portrayed. So when having a person on the street to be shot I chose between visual contact before taking picture or candid shot, when I feel that there will be a complaint about it. I hope this was clear ;-D.

BTW, when you travel to Romania, or to the East generally, you have more likelihood to meet those "upolluted" people. Most shots here are not candid.

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Best regards

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