This doesn't seem sharp to me...

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Re: This doesn't seem sharp to me...

CaptiVision Photography wrote:

I was able to get it to where I wanted it in PP, I also used a flash for this shot or else his face would have even really dark, the sun was behind him. He was moving back and forth so yeah it may have also been the 50d's AF ability in AI Servo - not sure how it compares to say a 7d. But either way I'm really happy I have pictures of my boy so happy, there were others where he was really smiling
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Hmm, yeah, could be.  In the end though, like you said - you got pictures of your son being happy and that's really the important thing!

Perhaps set the ISO a little higher next time and stop down a bit more (without slowing down the shutter too much) - which will give you more of a buffer for AF misses.

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