Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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Re: I also own & use Nikon DSLRs and MF flim gear

dougjgreen1 wrote:

You missed my point.  I was NOT dismissing people's choices if they choose a Nikon A.  I was dismissing NIKON's choice for how they are positioning and marketing the camera.  I have no problem with someone who pays a few hundred more for a camera than I think it's worth, because they find it well suited to their particular shooting style and subject matter.  I specifically stated that I thought Nikon came out with a nice $700 camera, but they priced it well above that which I felt was silly.  That means what it says - it's a NICE camera for what it is, it's just priced too high IMHO, for it to succeed in the competitive marketplace.  And that probably means you won't get an improved gen.2 successor to it, the way market-successful cameras do.

Your prior post seems to have really the first common ground we can share without getting nasty about it with each other.  But the fact is, this venue tends to have people that care too much about their gear, and not enough about their photography.  Don't mistake my critique of Nikon's marketing with a critique of Nikon's product - or the people who use it.  if it were priced more reasonably, I would probably want to own and use it too - but I'm not going to buy an $1100 camera that only is useful for a quite small portion of what I use a camera for.

I went with Micro 4/3 because it will serve the MAJORITY of my needs that I have found my DSLRs and many lenses to be too bulky sand heavy to use.  The Nikon A would only fulfil a small fraction of those uses for me personally - and it's simply to costly to only serve such a small portion of my needs.  BTW, in 2-3 years, when those puppies are selling on ebay for $200-300 - I'm pretty sure I'll buy one.

OK, fair enough - I did not get your emphasis before this post. I don't think my last post in the other thread was particularly nasty, but you might think the last statement is a little pointed, so please disregard it.

BTW, I've been an m43 shooter for a few years now and I think it's a fine system but I seem to me moving toward more niche or specialized cameras recently, for a variety of reasons. The only thing I really still use m43 gear for much is portrait length and longer shots. But that's just me - I fully get the appeal of the system.


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