Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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Ray Sachs
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Re: I also own & use Nikon DSLRs and MF flim gear

dougjgreen1 wrote:

And I used to own and use Leica flim gear as well.  I've shot with View cameras, Rollei TLRs and 600x SLRs, Mamiya and Pentax 67s - most of which I still use on occasion.  I'm pretty sure I get what the Nikon A is for.  It's just not that great at it - compared to, say, a Leica M and the right Leica glass, for someone for whom money is not an issue - and that's the point - the Nikon A is priced so foolishly that it will only really appeal to those folks for whom money is not an issue - and those folks use Leicas.

BTW, my "history" as you put it, on this site, is less than 3 weeks - although I used to post here about 5 years ago and lost my user-name and/or password having not bothered with the place for many years because of exactly the sort of gear-oriented fanboys I've encountered here.  But my actual experience in photography is well over 40 years.

I've forgotten more about shooting with film than most folks on this forum actually know.

I'm right there with you pal - my first film camera was in 1968 as a 9 year old kid. Wasted much of my youth in a darkroom and, like you, have forgotten most everything I used to know about the chemistry of film and paper and developer, etc.

But to say that because a camera may arguably be a couple hundred dollars over-priced compared to the competition it will only appeal to those to whom money is not an issue and it won't appeal to them because they're all shooting Leicas anyway is just silly! If money was NO object, I'm sure I'd be shooting a Leica - I'd love to be able to. Money is a consideration but deciding to spend an extra couple hundred bucks on a camera I might like more than the arguably better deal is just a tiny bit different than taking the leap to spending, oh, about $15,000 on a new Leica and a couple of nice Leica lenses. NOT the same thing.

Also, the difference between a Nikon A or Ricoh GR and a Leica Monochrome or M, while real, is fairly esoteric - in lots of ways one could argue that the the Leica isn't quite as good. The difference between the Nikon A or Ricoh GR and the EPL2, I'm sorry, is a MUCH MUCH bigger jump.

Yes, this is a gear forum. We discuss gear here and on the other forums, and sometimes we share some photography too. There's nothing wrong with either. I view cameras and photography as two related and reinforcing hobbies. Its possible to be into both without confusing the two. But sometimes knowing the gear can improve your photography - not your creative eye, but your ability to realize what the eye sees. If you have a problem with that, you could always go back to film or the first digital cameras or just keep shooting with your EPL2 - I won't think the less of you for it. But I'll take exception when you imply that only YOUR choices are legitimate and that the choices others make, for WHATEVER reasons, aren't just as legitimate as your own choices...


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