Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Coolpix A 'soft corners'

R Butler wrote:

The Coolpix A's lens is pretty spectacular - it supports the line we often hear from manufacturers about 'matching the lens to the sensor.'

My suspicion is that PC Mag have tested the Coolpix at very close focus distances (where, yes, the corners can be soft). In real-world use, it's not an issue.

Absolutely! I've been shooting the GR and the A back to back as well and did the ubiquitous brick wall test and the A is incredibly good at all apertures. The GR is spectacularly good at all apertures, being sharper in the extreme corners than the Nikon. So that's a minor talking point for the Ricoh, but when has anyone been shooting wide open and had the corners even in sharp focus, let alone playing a role in the shot that such minor differences would matter. I've been shooting for better than a year with the Fuji X-Pro and the 18mm f2.0 lens and I love that combination and did a lot of photography with it I'm quite pleased with. And then I ran that lens through the same test with the A and the GR and its TERRIBLE in comparison in terms of corner sharpness at f2.8, let alone at its max aperture of f2.0 - just rancid and horribly bad! But to the extent that it never, not even once, bothered me in real life shooting.

I guess technical reviewers have to do this stuff, but why anyone would latch onto it as a reason to choose a lens I honestly don't get...


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