Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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I also own & use Nikon DSLRs and MF flim gear

And I used to own and use Leica flim gear as well.  I've shot with View cameras, Rollei TLRs and 600x SLRs, Mamiya and Pentax 67s - most of which I still use on occasion.  I'm pretty sure I get what the Nikon A is for.  It's just not that great at it - compared to, say, a Leica M and the right Leica glass, for someone for whom money is not an issue - and that's the point - the Nikon A is priced so foolishly that it will only really appeal to those folks for whom money is not an issue - and those folks use Leicas.

BTW, my "history" as you put it, on this site, is less than 3 weeks - although I used to post here about 5 years ago and lost my user-name and/or password having not bothered with the place for many years because of exactly the sort of gear-oriented fanboys I've encountered here.  But my actual experience in photography is well over 40 years.

I only re-joined because I wanted info on the Micro 4/3 gear I was buying.

I've forgotten more about shooting with film than most folks on this forum actually know.

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