A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: I had digital cameras like that, back in the 90's!

xxbluejay21 wrote:

Anepo wrote:

I own an e-m5 as well but i find that techmology is making us think less as you proved with your comment on the live bulb mode, all skills will become irrelevent. what if everyone were given robot feet to play soccer? Would be just like everyone else because the machine does the thinking for you.

fyi, the goal of photography isn't to get smarter. It's to take pretty pictures. Seriously what a silly thread. There is an option to turn off the LCD on every camera. And if you're so obsessed with film, shoot film. Simple. Seems like you just started this thread to argue.

The goal of photography is to get beautiful pictures, and to get to that goal you NEED to be intelligent and have a good eye.

Also guess what? This could be VERY beneficial for photography schools who now teach all students by making them use film cameras & this can save the students quite a bit of cash.

Furthermore I did not start this thread to argue so don't you even claim you know why it was started. This is not an attempt at a Canon vs Nikon or Panasonic vs Olympus kind of thread so simply GTFO if you do NOT like it.

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