A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: Get a film camera, they are cheap on ebay

Joe Ogiba wrote:

Anepo wrote:

Here is what I am wondering: Am i crazy to long for a digital compact camera that has got an optical viewfinder with settings unfo in it but does NOT have an lcd on the back?

A kind of a digital "film camera"? Where you wont know what you got until you put the sd card in your computer at home?

Is it just me that longs for something like that? Or does anyone else find that an appealing idea?

I have a ton of film cameras from 35mm SLRs to 6x7 MF that I have not used in a long time including a few hundred rolls of 35mm and 120/220 roll film in my freezer . You must be the only person on the planet that wants a digital camera without an LCD.

Protip: I own a film camera, but guess what? its 30-40$ per film the entire cost of buying it, having it processed and getting it printed.

Here is a digital version of that except this could be replaced in photography schools or students who are learning photography (99% of them are made to learn by using film cameras)

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