Seattle to LA Road rip

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Re: Your biggest problem

jedinstvo wrote:

Your biggest problem will be bed bugs. This plague has returned to America after an absence of some 50 years. They come out at night after you've dozed off and they will bite and scratch and make marks all over your body. Be sure and zip up your suitcase before you hit the sack because they'll climb into that too. There is no remedy except to sleep in the car. Or not sleep at all.

What I'd do photographically is get about four GoPros and always keep one mounted on the dash board and running. Then you'll have a continues movie from Seattle to LA. You can put it all together in Final Cut later on.

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Looks like you had a bad experience. All you have to do is stay in good hotels and  inspect the room, and bed area especially, like the mattress and related fabric folds and crevices, and you can easily tell if they are in the room.  If they are there then find some place else.

Apparently they have come back because a certain pesticide was banned. Heat treatments (I believe above 105 degrees) can easily kill them and any eggs so I'm sure the hotel/motel industry will find a convenient and effective alternative to that banned pesticide, if they haven't already.

Until fairly recently I used to travel a lot through many hotels and I never had an issue. Stay at good quality hotels where maintenance is top notch and inspect the room, as I said, and you should be fine. As a rule anywhere you  stay you should hang clothes up and keep your bags closed to prevent other critters from getting in like some dangerous spiders or any other critters.

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