Going to be getting a D7100 need help with first lens choice?

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Re: Going to be getting a D7100 need help with first lens choice?

mgd43 wrote:

The 18-200 is controversial. Like other all-in-ones, some people love them, others hate them. On the plus side, they are convenient and you don't lose shots because you have the wrong focal length on the camera. It also is less expensive than covering its focal lengths with two or three lenses, and it saves weight and space. The negative is that you lose some image quality especially at the long end. IMO, if you don't print larger than 8x10, or if you only display your photos electronically, and you do some postprocessing you probably won't see much difference. If you print much larger or if you are a pixel peeper you probably won't be happy. All in all it's a bit of a gamble. Of course if you buy from a reputable dealer, you could exchange it for one of the other lenses if you're not happy with it.

The advantages to the 18-200 far outweigh the disadvantages, IMHO. The only way you might not be happy is if you're a pixel peeper. Even with large prints, most people are unlikely to see the "flaws" in it.

Take a look at this image. Look at it full size. It was taken with a D7100 and 18-200. Tell me if you really believe the "flaws" degrade the image quality to the point you would dismiss the lens and lean toward a different on.


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