A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: I had digital cameras like that, back in the 90's!

Anepo wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

It's not just showing the image, but also setting the functions of the camera where the monitor on the camera comes in handy...having stared doing digital photography back in the 90's where you could only change te jpeg resolution, and whether the flash would fire or not, I would not want to go back to a monitor-less time!

But YOU have several options for not instant viewing your last shot...turn off your camera's view last shot feature for one thing.

After that, have the strength not to hit the play button!

Or buy a camera with a swivel screen that can be turned around so you can't see the display...my Olympus E-3 was like that, but it was more for protecting the display!

Personally though, I would never give this up!  My Olympus E-M5 even has a feature called Live Bulb mode where I can see the picture being created as the sensor is being exposed, so you know when to close the shutter!

Well as i said above it would be a full sized rangefinder viewfinder with iso, shutter speed and aperture info in the viewfinder and would only shoot raw for example.

I own an e-m5 as well but i find that techmology is making us think less as you proved with your comment on the live bulb mode, all skills will become irrelevent. what if everyone were given robot feet to play soccer? Would be just like everyone else because the machine does the thinking for you.

My photography improved tremondously and at a faster rate after I switched to digital.  I could see right away what my mistakes were, as well as what I could do by experimenting with different exposure settings rather than waiting for prints.


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