the impact of 4K and the future of quality cameras...

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the impact of 4K and the future of quality cameras...

We have all seen the posts recently about the doom and gloom for the photographic industry at the hands of camphones, oversaturation of the market, etc.

I would like to open a discussion regarding the impact 4K and eventually 8K screens will have on our beloved industry.

Inevitably there will be a major push for us to buy 4K screens in the next couple of years and to embrace all the tech which goes with it.

I have seen local adverts here in Switzerland for 4K screens already - around 5000 chf for a 50inch version and around 20000 chf for an 80inch one. This is similar to HD around 6-7 years ago.


4k has been primarily advocated for Video wonderfulness but surely the benefits for stills cannot be overestimated? Basically we will have an 8mp screen or just under to view stills on. AND for 8K around double this.

Once these super-screens become ubiquitous it will begin to make sense for cameras to offer pin sharp resolution at 8mp and well above.

So... the camphones and their ilk will become less interesting by default (smearing, noise and aberrations, lack of DR will become glaringly obvious), and ultra-quality images from highend cameras will start to become much more desirable.

Also I think we will start to see 4K capable cameras for video (including stills cameras with 4k capability) also very soon, and cheap hardware to play it (i really know nothing about this side), but i think the top canon FF can record in 4K already? I think the camphones may struggle to keep up due to processing power required (physics again, overheating high power chips in small devices?)

The general public does embrace improvement and improved quality generally (b&w tv -> colour -> FST -> Flatscreen -> HD -> 4K(?).

I think the reason camphone quality is accepted is that until now there have been no good cheap massmarket solutions to exploit the true quality of the more advanced cameras, and it's a little frustrating for all of us. Now the solution may be just around the corner. It's an exciting time!

PS... It may be this "explosion" in quality that is around the corner which is causing the camera makers to sit tight for the moment and ride out this camphone "blip" as they know whats coming.

Comments on a postcard please...

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