XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

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Re: XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

dark13star wrote:

Of course we are assuming that Fuji chose the value of .005 purposefully. It could just be an error, since that value is appropriate for some Finepix cameras. During my career in the tech industry I've seen many such errors get defined as features and the requests for change can end up as feature requests instead of bug fixes because the value wasn't in the requirements document. I'm not saying this is the situation. We don't know, but it is definitely possible.

It could have originated when a programmer started a new code project based on an old one.


I suppose that's possible, but I think fairly unlikely as they've had nearly 3 years and 4 cameras to change it, and they certainly do change the firmware fairly often.

I'm not sure they ever had another camera with DOF scale before the X-series.

Stranger things have happened I suppose.

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