Some simple questions from a beginner

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Re: Some simple questions from a beginner

Untameable wrote:

1. On the 16-50 kit lens what's the purpose of that W-T zoom toggle on the side? It appears to just go in and out, but it's far easier to twist the lens by hand.

2. I've been taking photos that look perfectly exposed on screen, but after bringing the RAW files over into iPhoto today I'm surprised to see them all a stop or two darker than I expected. I'd heard that I can't trust the LCD to be accurate but is that's what's happening? Am I missing something?

3. With the in-camera correction for the Sony lenses, that doesn't come over in the RAW files, right? Just jpeg? Do I need to do anything special in iPhoto given that (or Lightroom or Aperture if I get either?)

4. I've been experimenting with the focal lengths and 16mm looks kind of fish-eye to me. Is that normal? 30mm is my favourite, and 50mm seems a bit too close for my liking. Is this just me or is there more to 16/30/50 than just "zooming", it is actually doing something else to the way pictures look isn't it?


2. Shoot in JPEG unless you have a reason to shoot RAW. This will get rid of the exposure issues. The RAW file may need manipulation to get the right exposure, whereas the JPEG shouldn't (need as much).


3. The RAW file is flagged with the lens data. If you use Lightroom, it can use the lens data to apply corrections. iPhoto will not do this. So in this case, it depends on your RAW converter. Again, shoot JPEG and you won't have this problem and won't have to do it in post.

4. The lens has a lot of distortion at 16mm and needs correction (JPEG built in, or done in post using Lightroom or similar). The focal length does more than just zooming, it changes perspective. Using a wide angle and getting closer will make things close to the camera appear larger in perspective. So a portrait shot close at 16mm will have large noses and small ears, while a portrait shot from a normal distance at 50mm will have more normal features.

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