D2H, Why so Much for a 4MP Camera?

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Re: D2H, Why so Much for a 4MP Camera?

If your value system is based on pixels only - than no - the D2H has no worth to you.

If your value system is based on handling / speed and AF - than the D2H may have some worth to you.

Better images can be produced and have been produced from the D2H because of its high frame rates and faster AF system than a consumer body.

But again, it depends on what you shoot and your own value system. If you shoot landscapes on a tripod - than no - a D2H has no value to you.

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mironv wrote:

Why used Corolla is chiper than used Jaguar??? Same differance.If you don't see it than it's not for you. From all DSLR's I used ( D70, D1, D2H, D2Xs,D2Hs, Fuji S5 , D700) D2Hs put biggest smile on my face every time I used it. Even with small 4MP  sensor.

I do not own a D2H and I do not know anyone who has one.  However, from a Megapixel point of view (my only frame of reference) I am a bit confused at the value proposition as it relates to the D2H. I use to use a D70.  No, I NOT asserting an equivalence between them. But, the D70, like the D2H are both low Megapixel cameras.  From the reference point of Megapixels (alone), the photo quality between the D70 and my current D200, is a very notable improvement.

This is where my question is based.  How does the D2H produce better images (if any), from any similarly equipped low MP (Nikon) camera?

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