Any way to limit ISO in TaV mode???

Started Jun 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bryan Campbell Senior Member • Posts: 1,012
I agree with Ray 100% on this

This is how I tend to use my 5D3 although it needs a faster minimum shutter speed as well. When I shoot street with my Leica I prefer 1/320th or even 1/500th to freeze action and because my hands are not as steady as some.

I wonder if the Magic Lantern team would work on a custom Ricoh GR firmware? They could make minor improvements to the camera if Pentax / Ricoh was not willing to do so. Email Ricoh with our concerns, if enough of us do then maybe we will see it addressed in a firmware update.

Having said that I'm still waiting for this camera to be in stock somewhere. I watched a Daido Moriyama video last night and a new review of the Ricoh GR on YouTube and that was enough to convince me that I need one.

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