A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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I usually shoot this way

I get the general idea of what you're talking about - though my point of disagreement is that I wouldn't want a camera designed to only function this way.

The point of going out and taking your photos, and not 'chimping' or viewing the results as you take them, is pretty much how I shoot with both of my cameras.  I do not like any form of image review function and always disable them on all of my cameras.  When shooting with my DSLR, I use the optical viewfinder, have my settings at the bottom of the view, and rarely even look at my LCD (though occasionally I do, because of additional settings which can only be seen on the LCD - I don't view the photos I took, but do change some settings).  I have my LCD set to go dark whenever my eye is at the viewfinder, so it doesn't distract me at all.  I don't hit the play button and go through my photos in the field, unless I'm traveling with someone and they ask to see a shot or I wanted to show them something they missed.  Otherwise, I prefer to do all my shooting, and wait until I get home to go through them and see what I got.  It does hark back to film days for me - I enjoyed the challenge of learning the right settings and trying to nail exposure, and not knowing for sure if I did until I got home...it got to the point where I'm confident about the exposure, but whether I got the subject and composition in some special way is the fun surprise when I get home.

When shooting with my mirrorless camera, I use a very similar methodology, although a little different since that has an electronic viewfinder, and therefore I must 'preview' my scene in order to take it.  Still, I have disabled image review after the shot, I have the LCD turned off entirely, and I use the EVF alone to see and change settings and to frame and expose the shot. I will take hundreds of photos without viewing the results in the field...only seeing them when I get home.

However, I do still like to have the functionality on the camera...because there are times when I might be back home, or in a hotel, or a friend's house - and the ability to pull up photos on the LCD and show them to people, or relax and scroll through them on the camera, is a nice option to have.  The shots are taken, they can't be redone, so it's the same for me as waiting to get them processed - I just take advantage of the camera's LCD screen to go through them and see what worked and what didn't because a computer, or the time to upload or process might not be available.

So I agree with your concept of how to take digital photos in an old-fashioned film-like manner, but not with the desire to have a camera that limits you to only this type of shooting and removes any ability to use as a playback machine.

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