Media storage for overseas vacation, equipment care in high heat?

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Re: Card Capacity Not Reading Properly

Lena Hale wrote:

Using a Silicon Power 2GB 45x SD card in a Nikon D5100 body. Here's the exact card, I didn't buy it from there but that's what mine looks like.

The screen said that the remaining card capacity was 132. I took a random shot and it stayed at 132. It finally went down to 131 after taking 7 shots, then down to 130 after taking another 7 shots, and so on. When I hold down the shutter halfway, it says [r27] and that number has not changed the whole time.
I really need to know the capacity of this card so I can be sure of what size cards I need to buy as extras for my vacation. This card is several years old (I just found it laying around), is it possibly damaged? I don't recall ever losing photos or any other issues, but..

..The camera has a buffer where it stores images until they are written to the card. This enables the high fps capability, and why if you shoot  a burst, the write light stays lit. When you half press the shutter button, that R number is how many shots you can take until the buffer is at full capacity. As you shoot you fill the buffer, if the buffer can empty faster than you are shooting the camera will keep on shooting, If you max out the buffer, you have to wait for space to be available. Shoot  a burst of shots then half press and you will see that number change.

That about card number not showing correctly.. Im assuming your shooting compressed RAW. The remaining shots left on the card number is synonymous with the space need per shot, but as the Raw is being compressed, then it allows more shots to fit on the card and it takes a few seconds for the camera to adjust the numbers in the screen. If you take it off compressed RAW the numbers will seem more consistant. If you wanna know how many images you can fit on it, just keep the shutter pressed and let the camera fill the card until it can't take anymore. Then take the card to the computer and see how many images you got.

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