A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: i understand.

Anepo wrote:

I am glad you understand but also without a screen they could slap in there a rangefinder like optical viewfinder with all the info lik aperture, shutter speed and that.

How do you know that it is the LCD that limits them from showing this info in the optical VF? Have your reviewed the Fuji x-series?

I think that you have received good advice, disable image preview, block the LCD screen with black tape. Then you won't see the image before you are at home.

It can be frustrating when the camera manufacturers choose to put in features that we know we will never use (Canon PictBridge, anyone?), while continuing to not offer features that many of us wants (raw histogram? focus peaking?). But if you are willing to pay more simply to not have the LCD, while still wanting the camera to be digital, I'd suggest that you represent a really small minority, one that camera manufacturers are probably not going to chase (and if they did, It would probably be those with big pockets).


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