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peoe is here wrote:


Thanks for that, but I do have some questions.

I read in another review up today (forgot the link) that focussing is a problem, lots of misfocussed shots.  Did you experience the same ?

Secondly, seen as the camera is deliverd WITHOUT a flash shoe adapter, one has to add in the cost of a decent one as well, should you want HSS and the likes with Minolta-feet flashes, bringing the price gap towards the A65 down...

So , how does it compare to the A65 ?

Personally had the camera for a day, in good light the AF was stellar. Though it depends on the lenses you use. I had the new kit lens 18-55 and my old minolta 50/1.4, with both these lenses the focus locked very fast, no hunting or anything.I think focus issues are mostly related to how good the camera comes adjusted from the factory.

In bad lightning conditions all SLT camera without the focus assist lamps (or flash) have a harder time focusing due to the fact that only 30% of the light is redirected to the AF sensors.

Also one thing that bothered me about the camera, was the plastic body mount. Sony may tell us that it's high grade, but I'm not sure how many lens changed will it take and how will it keep together with a heavy lens attached... Well in the end it's a beginners camera.

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