Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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Re: You quoted that review out of context

dougjgreen1 wrote:

AngryCorgi wrote:


The lens struggled to be particularly sharp on a 10MP sensor.  It needs to be stopped down to f/8.  It would do even worse on a 16MP sensor.  The A lens is extremely sharp wide-open.  Pretty cut-and-dry situation.  The voigtlander simply isn't in the same class as the A's lens.

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The poor performance you reference occurred outside the DX crop area on Full Frame images,  The same report you quoted actually stated that on an APS-C sensor, it was good across the frame at f5.6, which is only stopped down 1-1/3 stops - rather typical actually.

And from what I've heard, the Nikon A's lens is nothing special in the corners at f2.8 or f4 either.

See here for reference:

"Coolpix A edge resolution very low at F2.8 and F4?

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2417565,00.asp "

So maybe you'd like to try again, since your last "proof" seems to have been a whiff.

"Good", no, it stated "fairly decent results" a f/5.6.  Look at the crop results and the verbage.

"While not particularly sharp at f/3.5, the images taken with the APS-C body did produce higher MTF50 numbers then on either of the full frame bodies used in the tests."

As you can see, stopping it down on a 10MP XTi barely improves it.  So, no, it is not ideal for a crop 16MP sensor where it would perform even more poorly than it did in their testing.  They warned about it in the review.  I'll trust a proper review site over "pcmag" anyday, and DPR and DXOmark both show very very good corner performance from the coolpix at f/4.

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