A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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i understand.

Disable the review mode, most cameras have that.

My old Nikon D40 DSLR doesnt have live preview either, so you have to use the Optical Viewfinder to frame and setup the shot, and other parameters on the LCD. I think you will find older DSLR's are often without live preview (with post-view disableable)

Anyhow.. I always find the view on the camera sucks. To give an IDEA of how the shot came out, fine. But i always get the WOW factor viewing on the big screen.

I do understand your need, however. It's a thrill to have to wait and view the pics later.  A bit of anticipation is fun!

I do miss the film days of taking them in for development, waiting maybe a week to get them back and the little flutter of adrenalin when you open them up and scan through them. And the sense of disappointment in the worst case scenario when the tech guy says "oh sorry that was a bad lot, didn't come out". Lol.

Ah the bad old days. Nostalgia rules!!

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