Mft 35-100/f2

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Re: Mft 35-100/f2

MrScorpio wrote:


Is it anyone more than me who would like to see an mft version of the 43 35-100/f2??

When I had it on my old E3 it was possibly the best piece of glass I Have ever used.

imagine also a 12-35 in the same upper category, and all weather sealed.

I feel Oly lack a couple of upper end zooms... Anyone who owned the 35-100/f2 and can tell if the new Panasonic is on pair with that old Gem?



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No I would not like to see one, the extra expense for 1 more stop of light. Cheaper to increase an extra stop of light with more ISO

I have the Panasonic version and very happy with it

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