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Re: micro 4/3s , Owls IF

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Fleabag wrote:

Here is an example. The golden hour where the light is beautiful with your subject pushing 300mm?  Guess what, that f6.7 lens

The Panny version (which he no doubt has since he shoots the G5) is f/5.6 ... I agree that the Oly lens is hopeless ... but the Panny lens is a bit better ... still, it is the contrast detect AF that makes it hopeless as light intensity drops ...

Not saying people can't pull a few out, but giant killer it's not.

And no one has said it is. As Trevor suggested ... it is the equivalent of going out go-karting ... a little fun and nothing too serious ...

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Now this is the attitude that gets me fired up.

Glad to be of service

It's entirely possible to be quite serious about BiF, but not invest in expensive glass.

And in what way does my confirmation that contrast AF be like go-karting when shooting BIF have any possible connection to the quality of the glass? Methinks you did not read critically ...

There's several reasons for that, either economical, or the bulk of fast glass, or just the boring realisation that the benefits of fast glass are not worth it if you aren't needing it for professional reasons.

Did you read my other message on this thread? I suggested that inexpensive glass and entry dSLRs would stomp the E-M5 for BIF, especially as the light gets really good (i.e. moving toward sunlight.)

Skill in the field is more important than the camera used. I find the assessment of a person's level of commitment, based on their choice of camera, to be entirely unjustified.

I find your jumping to conclusions to be entirely pointless. Read all my answers on the thread and contemplate what I really meant. Then decide if you were right to criticize my choice of words. Hint: No.

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Yeah, guess I should have avoided wording that post to criticise both your comment, and the second argument put forth in this thread that implied you need fast glass to be "serious".

Next time I'll try and remember that some people have trouble with multiple chains of thought at once.

You have permissions to ignore my comments on fast glass. Instead, you should take home the message from the rest of my post.

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