Which new printer Epson 3885 or R3000 or Canon Pro-1

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Re: Which new printer Epson 3885 or R3000 or Canon Pro-1

Vikas M Gore wrote:

I'm relatively new to printing larger formats and after doing a bit of research I am trying to decide on a new A3 printer.  I seem to have narrowed the choices to the Epson R3000 and a Canon Pro-1.  I am also tempted by the Epson 3885 because although it involves a much bigger outlay it doesn't appear much larger than the R3000 and it will save me having to outsource larger prints when I do make them from time to time.

I have a few questions, the first of which may probably have been better as a separate post:

  1. Are the 3885 and R3000 really about the same size.  I can't find a dealer ready to un-box them for me to check and I only have brochures to go by.  When I'm printing A3 rather than A2, will the larger format printer take the same amount of space?
  2. Is there an appreciable quality difference between the 3885 and R3000?
  3. Is there an appreciable quality difference between the R3000 and the Canon Pro-1
  4. Finally is there a significant manufacturer I am unjustly ignoring for this size and type of printer?
I would really like any advise from people who know more about printing than I do, including the relative ease of use in terms of the quality of printer drivers on a Mac. Thanks in advance.

1. The Epson r3000 is 24.2" x 32" x 16.7", the 3885 (called the 3880 outside East Asia) is 27"x 15" x 10". So similar in size, the 3885 is wider, as you would expect, but it is has less depth, because it doesn’t take roll paper.

2. No, the inkset is the same, but the r3000 has a higher maximum resolution. In practice there are few paper that can support such a high resolution and show a vissible difference. You may notice a slight difference if you examine prints from both with a loupe. There is certainly no difference when printing on fine art papers; on high gloss photo papers and gloss film at small sizes when examined at close range, you may see a difference.

3. I have no idea.

4. No, Epson and Canon are pretty much it now that HP has exited that market.

Brian A

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