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From a practical standpoint, i agree with most of your comments except for the ones that refer to the fact that the Fuji has no anti-aliasing filter.  C of C and DOF are the result of mathematical equations that do not take the media (film or sensor) quality into consideration. It would seem that from the equation standpoint alone, the only variables  that apply are format size (film or sensor), focal length and lens opening (F stop). See the formulae below as copied from:


It is always true that stopping down improves the depth of field until you hit the circle of confusion (C of C) at which point the sharpness starts to decrease.

Now the formula doesn't take into account real world situations such as the quality of the media, the quality of the glass, etc. The formula is only a starting point from which individual camera/lens combinations are better or worse than the formula predicts.

Therefore, using that standard formula, the XPro-1 should be no different than any other APSC camera. So why does Fuji use .005, a number that is four times more critical than standard? It's good to be conservative in order to assure better results, but I was simply wondering if Fuji is simply being arbitrary and super conservative, or is there something else going on with the camera that caused them to use such a critically small C of C.

Hyperfocal distance:

hyperfocal distance equation

Near distance of acceptable sharpness:

near distance equation

Far distance of acceptable sharpness:

far distance equation



is the hyperfocal distance, mm


is the lens focal length, mm


is the focus distance


is the near distance for acceptable sharpness


is the far distance for acceptable sharpness


is the f-number


is the circle of confusion, mm

f-number is calculated by the definition N = 2i/2 , where i = 1, 2, 3,... for f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8,...

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