Macro lenses - how good is the 100L?

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Re: Macro lenses - how good is the 100L?

R2D2 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

I am considering a 90 or 100 macro lens at the moment. I see the Canon 100L version is on sale this month for $899, so I'll most likely get it.

Good price.  It's an excellent lens and performs very well with non-macro subjects too.  I find the IS incredibly useful (even at macro ranges), and the AI Servo AF is surprisingly fast and accurate even when shooting macros.  Note: Get a rubber hood for shooting close stuff, as the included hood is very deep.

Well, Amazon also had 4% cash back applied to the purchase, so I couldn't pass it up. I suspect this lens will lead to many accessories from a rubber hood to a flash and even, perhaps, some extension tubes. Thanks for the tip.

But the non L version scores the worst at DxOMark:

IMHO DxO relies a bit too much on lab tests (which can create a sense of separation where there really is none worth noting), and not enough on actual results (Images).  Remember, images are the Truth.

DxO can be very valuable for people who know how to use their results, I've found. Every lens in the world has defects. For example, the Sigma 35/1.4 is an incredible lens and it still loses more than 40% of the resolution when paired with my 6D. Another 35 lens might lose even more (I haven't found one that performs better). I do visit Flickr and study image after image. The images I see online tend to reflect the scores that lenses receive on DxOMark, but rarely do we see images without various levels of post processing or even expert lighting during the shoot or whatever that can make a lens look better or worse. So sure, images are truth, but I use the data from the DxO tests to learn about the possibilities and the limitations for my future truths.

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