Dpreview Nikon Coolpix A compatative review published

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photo perzon
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Ricoh's colors are messed up. I got Nikon at Best Buy for $899.

Specially in the Ricoh forum, there are about 100 opinions on the colors vs B/W on the Ricoh.  The consensus is that the Ricoh has sublime B/W, but that its blues, greens and (before) the reds have issues.

The reds appear to have been fixed easily in RAW with LR.  However still today the greens and blues have issues.

And these issues are requiring extensive ACR and a lot of work.  Many Ricoh forum posters agree (also Ming) that for color get the A and for B/W the Ricoh.  Many Ricoh posters post pictures with the greens massaged this way and that, asking and commenting what others think.  The post several versions of their greens.

Now personally I think that there is a lot of Ricoh love out there and Ricoh followers will do anything to convince themselves that Ricoh is great...many of them are into B/W pictures!

In dpreview galleries color pictures are the norm.

Even in the Ricoh forum they acknowledge that Nikon gets the colors dead on.

I got my A at Best Buy for $899 by asking the salesman to ask his manager to match the Feb 19 sale Best Buy had for the Nikon A then.  In Asia Nikon is almost the same price as the Ricoh now.

And don't forget, with the Nikon or the Ricoh you won't be able to buy 10 lenses and thus save a lot of money.

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